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To confirm the reservation, €500 of the value of the puppy will be paid.


The payment of the reservation or the total of the puppy can be made by Pay Pal, bank transfer or cash on delivery.


The formalization of said reservation will only be carried out when the future owners are convinced and are clear about what they want, since the amount is not returned.


For its part, Zaffiro Blu informs of the right to return the puppy's reserve to the corresponding person if it deems it appropriate in the event of verifying anomalies on the part of the future buyer, and having the slightest suspicion that the puppy is not going to be taken care of. , treated and loved in the same way that it is here.

Remember that the acquisition of a pet carries with it a responsibility during its life.

For us, our puppies are much MORE THAN A DOG, and we want them to be that way for their future owner.



IMPORTANT, when buying a puppy you must comply with the following mandatory rules to benefit from the breeder's guarantees:

  • Do not change the feed recommended by the breeder (feed or wet food), under any circumstances unless, due to food allergy, and if so, do it gradually.

  • Do not take them outside until the vaccination is complete, except to go to the vet, not being in contact with surfaces where other dogs frequent, or together with other puppies.

  • Do not vaccinate before at least four weeks have passed since the last vaccination.

  • Deworm before vaccinating and every 3 months with Procox, Milbemax, Drontal, Panacur...

  • Do not subject the puppy to excessive exercise during the first year of life.

  • Do not let the puppy play with mops, mops or any other cleaning object or chew indoor or outdoor plants.

  • Do not put the puppy on the sofa, bed or any other place that he does not know how to get down on his own.

  • Use the puppy park correctly, respecting rest schedules.





Puppy return is not allowed. When buying the puppy you will be informed that it has a pedigree. The national pedigree is the one that is used to present in competitions, or to obtain the pedigree of their descendants in the case of their crossing. If your puppy has a national pedigree, the LOE will be delivered within the established period, so that you can process the pedigree at the nearest canine to your home, assuming the expenses that this may cause.


The delivery of the LOE, or where appropriate, pedigree or breed certificate will be made in the period of SIX MONTHS to ONE YEAR POST-SALE.

Chocolate brown, red, apricot and gray colors will undergo a variation in hue over time, lightening due to the diluent gene.

Assignment Options:

- Company: The dog is delivered for company. The correct development of the mouth and testicles is not guaranteed, so prognathism, monorchidism and cryptorchidism are excluded. The LOE will be delivered digitally without signing.


- Breeding/Show: The dog is delivered as a show promise from 8 months of age. At the date of delivery, it does not present a disqualifying fault with respect to the breed standard, being SUITABLE for breeding or show. The LOE will be delivered with all assignment rights.





3.1 - The puppy you have purchased has been previously dewormed and vaccinated at its source. The seller undertakes to deliver said puppy in perfect sanitary conditions. A guarantee period of 7 days will be granted for the following viral diseases (parvovirus, distemper, infectious hepatitis, coronavirus, and rabies) from the date of purchase and eighteen months for congenital diseases from the puppy's birth.


3.2 - The seller must be informed immediately by the buyer in the event of the appearance of any type of abnormal symptom in the puppy, to the contact telephone number 644144460.


3.3 - In the event of any anomaly in the puppy, and the purchaser does not inform the seller and decides to admit the puppy to a veterinary clinic and treat it with medication, it will give rise to the seller's non-responsibility for expenses that may be incurred outside of its supervision, nor would it admit any type of claim in the event of the puppy's death.


3.4 - Treatments, medicines, deworming (internal or external) and future vaccinations are not paid for, which the client is free to choose where to acquire them, either in the concerted veterinary clinic or through a prescription, in the pharmacy or other places of your liking. The fact that the puppy has been dewormed before is not an indication that it does not have to be dewormed again once it has left the breeder's house and before vaccinating.


3.5 - The breeder will not be responsible for operations, injuries, bites, fights, or in general for mishandling the puppy by the buyer. In these situations, the buyer must pay the amount of the treatments if they wish to carry them out.


3.6 - It is forbidden to revaccinate the puppy during the viral guarantee period, since this could immunosuppress him, therefore, the revaccination must be carried out at the earliest 20 days after sale or, where appropriate, when the breeder recommends it.


3.7 - The feeding will consist of the feed recommended by the breeder or the veterinarian and not another. The use of milk, muffins, human food, etc. is prohibited, as these products can alter the puppy's digestive system and therefore create gastroenteritis or diarrhoea. In this situation and due to the negligence of the client, the breeder would deny all kinds of guarantees.


3.8 - In no case can the guarantee be extended to conditions that are the direct or indirect result of improper feeding or poor hygienic-sanitary conditions or care outside veterinary control.


3.9 - The puppy is delivered, dewormed, with at least the first vaccine, microchip and with its health card. It has passed the veterinary check satisfactorily and has no anomaly. 


3.10 - In the event that the puppy exceeds the size recognized in the breed standard for the Toy Miniature Poodle according to the FCI (International Cinological Federation), the client will be compensated with 15% of the value of the puppy at the date of purchase . For this it will be necessary that the size is confirmed by a specialist judge of the breed, belonging to the RSCE, in a report, veterinary confirmations not being valid. The maximum height for a Mini Toy or Tea Cup will be 23cm at the withers and this can only be done to confirm if the breeder's own size has been exceeded.




4.1 - In case of death of the puppy during the first seven days counted from the date of sale, a necropsy will be carried out to find out the causes of it.


4.2 - This necropsy will be carried out officially by a veterinarian, who will not be interested in any of the parties giving an impartial report.


4.3 - The result of the necropsy will be announced in a period of fifteen days, a period that the client must wait to satisfy his claim. This certification will be the only valid document to rule on the causes of the puppy's death, as well as to clarify to the breeder if the death was caused by a viral problem, a cause in which the breeder will be obliged to provide another puppy of the same characteristics or in the case of not having puppies, the money will be returned.


4.4 - The breeder will only give guarantees for congenital problems that may appear in the puppy's first eighteen months of life and that lead to its sacrifice (hip or elbow dysplasia, serious congenital malformations, tracheal stenosis, etc.).

The guarantee that the breeder will give in these cases will be one of the following options to be chosen by the client:

  • Exchange of the affected puppy for another of the same value on the date of purchase, as long as the customer delivers the affected puppy.

  • In the event that the client wants to keep the affected puppy, the breeder will return 20% of the purchase price, but the client must assume and sign with the seller that the latter is exempt from liability for future problems of the puppy. puppy (future sacrifice, etc.).


After the period of eighteen months the breeder will not give any type of guarantee. The breeder will not be responsible for the veterinary tests carried out by the client.


4.5 - The following diseases are excluded: prognathism, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, alopecia, allergies and grade 1 and 2 patella dislocation. In the case of a Mini Toy/Tea Cup size dog (23cm height at the withers or lower), all degrees of patella dislocation will be excluded, apart from the aforementioned diseases.


4.6 - We must remember that the fact that the puppy has a pedigree does not mean that it is safe from congenital malformations or other faults.


4.7 - If you detect any problem in the puppy that you believe is within the guarantee of serious congenital problems, we recommend that you contact the breeder to find out how to proceed.


4.8 - The breeder will decide and will always have the last word, in any of the cases, on whether to pick up the puppy and return the entire amount paid for it, despite the fact that the buyer wants to keep the puppy.

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